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Hi I'm Ron Bramlett, owner of Mustangs Plus, Inc. in Stockton, CA. In 1999 I ordered a T-5z with a .83 overdrive 5th gear for the use in my #4 Grabber Green fastback. The reason is that the stock .63 ratio is basicly unusable in any performance driving. My hat's off to Bruce for building me a such a nice shifting and trouble free transmission.

Here is Richard Bramlett's 1966 mustang coupe that is nicknamed the Colt 351. It is equipped with a built 351W and a Modern DriveLine custom built T-5z. Richard built his 351W to produce a lot of torque so that he could drag race the Colt. With 25+ passes down the quarter mile, his best ET on street tires is a 12.6 seconds @ 113mhp and with slicks 12.3 seconds @ 112mhp.

Here is a 65 Mustang that had a T-10 Four speed with 4.10 rear gears. The T-10 four speed was removed for a T-5z five speed with 3.25 rear gears. The original clutch linkage was removed for a clutch cable system. Driveablity and milage have much improved.

Andy has just finished installing a T-5 transmission in his 67 Mustang coupe using one of Modern Driveline 67 clutch cable kits.

It has a world Class T5z with 2.95 and .63 overdrive. 289 Full dynomax from headers to mufflers, 5' monster tach, Edelbrock 454 wheels with 225/50/16 tires.



 1994 Chassis from Ford, no VIN since it was a "Body in White" delivered without any drive train, running gear, interior, or suspension. Built to SCCA AS (American Sedan) Rules. Still basically compliant. Full roll cage, 5-point belts, Kirkey Seats (switchable for drivers), on board fire system, fuel cell, PBR (Corvette) brakes per AS rules, Gold track rear end, New T-5 Motorsport gear box with Mods by Bruce Couture. Stock block pro-built motor, cast iron 2-valve heads, 650 cfm carb. Suspension a combination of Griggs and Kenny Brown (original fabricator). Car was last raced by Don Rositch

This Challenger is equipped with a orginal 426 Hemi big block and a Tremec TKOII. The owner removed the orginal four speed and modified the bellhousing to install the TKOII. The trans tunnel was cut and raised to clear the transmission case. The shift location was close to stock. With a big Hemi it is sure nice to shift up one more gear.

For many years the team at Highland Racing has been commercially building and racing various types of Nascar approved chassis and complete cars. The owner of Highland Racing, Rick Ellis, has recently brought all this state of the art proven racing technology to bear on their Highland Daytona Coupe. HDR now features Modern DriveLine prepared five speeds in both the coupes and roadster. Be sure to see their web site in the links page.



CJE's 1967 GTA Fastback restomod project featured a Ford Racing Crate Engine (325HP 302) and the conversion from the stock C-4 to a late model T-5 and cable operated clutch. 5-speed conversion was made simple by using components from Bruce Couture's Modern Driveline cable clutch conversion kit, custom-designed cross-member and a rebuilt 1991 T-5 Trans. Future upgrades include an improved exhuast system and the addition of a Fuel Safe fuel cell and rear disc brakes.

First, let me say thank you one more time: your help and frank, honest answers were immensely helpful.  It was obvious from the start that you were more concerned with getting me the appropriate equipment than maximizing your profit.  Being able to get everything from one source and then to call you with questions was a great relief!
I absolutely LOVE the cable clutch - it is amazingly smooth and pedal effort has been greatly reduced.  It seems like a different car and, when I drive my friends 66 coupe (he took my old toploader) I can't believe the difference!  In addition, the cable made the addition of headers a snap!  I went with the Hooker Super Comps and the cable fits right in between the tubes: the Z bar would have made installation a nightmare!


Andy's 67 coupe


426 Hemi Charger.jpg

Lance 67 coupe

If you are a customer of Modern Driveline and want your car featured, drop us a line!