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This page contains information about repairs, upgrades and appication information

Borg Warner T-45 transmissions are found in 1996 and later 4.6L V-8 single and dual over head cams Mustangs. The design is very much like the T-5 and T-56 transmissions. It has single rail gear selector and carbon lined steel synchro rings. The gears are strong then a T-5. The bell housing built into the main case so it can not be bolt to other earlier bell housing found on Windsor blocks. T-45 from 96-98 GT are different than the cobra mustangs. The transmission mount point is moved further back on a cobra T-45. In 1999 all T-45 were changed to the cobra specs.

T-45 shifters are the same as the T-5 shifter there for any aftermarket sihft will on both transmissions. Borg Warner T-5/T-45/T-56 all use ATF oil or Synthetic ATF. No other oil should be used. Redline MTL should not been used Redline ATF is fine. My recommendation is to use Amsoil ATF as I have used it for years at the track with great results.

T-45 Rebuilds

OEM bearing, bushing, seals, shift pads
Springs, synchroes, small parts kit
Cases are complete cleaned, deburred and inspected
Bearings are shimmed with a slight preload
All rebuilds are warranty for 90 days on workmanship (no gear breakage)

Standard Rebuild Price $575

Optional upgrades

Stronger 1st/2nd,3th/4th shift forks $90

Much more information to come. Please check again.

T-45 Transmissions