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In this page you will find information descriping the differences between the Borg Warner line and what make each Tremec different.

Borg Warner transmissions are now owned by Tremec Corp however the design remains the same between the two transmission lines. Borg Warner transmission for the most part use a single rail gear selector and carbon fiber lined steel scychro rings where the Tremec tranmissions have a single rail moving three shift rods internally. This three rods have spring loaded detens that make the transmission feel notchy during shifting. Instead of carbon lined steel sychro rings, the Tremec is build with solid bronze synchros with no linings. It is for these reasons that the Tremec does not like to shift well above ~6,500rpms.

Tremec offers four different model five speed transmissions, the 3550, 3550II, TKO, TKOII. The 3550 is a step up from a T-5z with 350ft/lbs torque rating. 3550II is the same as the 3350 with a .83 overdrive. The TKO is the same transmission with upgraded input shaft, output shaft and strong 3rd gear. It is torque rated to 400ft/lbs. The TKOII is the same as the TKO but is equipped with a .83 overdrive instead of a .63 overdrive. All four models have the same overall diamentions. The 3550/3550II has a 10 tooth input shaft and 26 tooth output spline. The TKO/TKOII have a 26 tooth input spline and a 31 tooth output spline. When purchased new the TKO and TKOII are shipped with a replacement slip yokes. 3550II and TKOII is best suited for road racing where the a .83 overdrive come is handy on the long straight ways.


Tremec 3550, 3550II,TKO, TKOII

Tremec transmissions can be shifted from three different
locations. Front, Mid, and rear. From the factory they are
configured as a rear shift. To change the location, a mid or
front shift kit are install and the rear shifter location is
capped off with a plate that is provided

Tremec Transmissions are a great replacement of toploader in 1967-73 Mustangs. It can be made to fit in a 1965-66 Mustang when the floor is made to clear. The reason the Tremec make great replacements to the toploaders is the bolt pattern is the same. Only problem is the input shaft has to be shorten to match. We offer Tremec with shorten input shafts that will bolt right in. Only parts need to convert from a four speed is a crossmember, shift lever, shift ball, and shorter speedometer cable. The drive shaft length is not effected.

Tremic Transmission pricing

Tremec 3550 $1395
Tremec 3550II$1695
Tremec TKO $1495
Tremec TKOII $1795

Shorten input shaft mod add $150

Tremec Transmissions