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About Us
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Modern DriveLine has been servicing the Ford performance community for over 4 years and counting.

Our Business Philosophy

At Modern DriveLine, our goal is to provide top notch service. We do this by providing high quality transmission repairs, and products. With these products comes loads of solid advice.

Our business is built on word of mouth. When you receive good service and advice, then we hope that you will tell a friend about us.

Our Company

Our business started out of need. Being a part of the Norcal Shelby Club of Northern Califorina, it was apparent that there was a need for a local five speed repair shop that understands the needs of high performance Ford owners and not so high performance owners. Working for Charlie's Mustangs, I began repairing T-5 transmissions. In 1996 I purchased a 65 Mustang hardtop from a friend that needed restoring. It was equipped with a V8 automatic. After driving the car for one year, it was decided the car needed a manual transmission. A T-5 five was choosen for it's size and driveablity. While searching for conversion parts, it was clear that not too many companies were offering five speed conversion parts or complete packages. It was this search that showed a need for better fitting parts that are easy to install and are long lasting.

We are currently working on some new projects that will be available early this year. Some of these project include Sunbean Tiger, Falcon, Fairlanes, and six cylinder five speed conversion parts and packages.

Modern Driveline has been in business five years and counting. 100+ transmissions been rebuilt, and customized. Modern Driveline is here to service you with your Driveline needs.

The Man behind the Name

Hi my name is Bruce Couture.  I believe that a business is only as good as the people behind it. I have been installing high performance parts on early and late model Mustangs for 12 years. In 96' I worked with Charlie's Mustangs in San Jose, CA installing superchargers, Bear brakes's, EFI conversions, Mass air system in F series trucks, six speed installations, and so. If it was a V-8 or larger, Charlie's shop made it faster.

In my off hours I run a late model Mustang setup for open tracking. Soon my 65 Mustang hardtop will see some action with the Norcal Shelby Club in the San Francisco Bay Area. Open tracking and autocrossing is a safe way to unwind in a high performace Mustang.

65 Mustang

Keep an eye open at your next Mustang car show on the west coast. There is a chance you will see this car. If you do be sure to say hi. -Bruce

About Us